What's New?

  • The City’s Roadmap to Selecting a Membrane Bioreactor

    As a part of the WRRF Project, the City needs to update their secondary treatment process. Secondary treatment includes removing ammonia and other pollutants using microorganisms. There are numerous methods to achieve this treatment level, so the team used the triple bottom line as their selection criteria. Based on economic, environmental, and social factors, the […]

  • Providing Value at 60% Design

    With 60% design complete, the City hired a group of skilled engineers to conduct value engineering (VE) on the 60% design documents, and come up with cost saving ideas that add value to the project.  The VE team examined everything from infrastructure redundancy, to process control strategies, to energy production and optimization.  This provided the […]

  • Engineering the Future

    The Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) has reached a major milestone in the planning process: 60% design.  This means decisions on some of the newest, most sustainable technologies in wastewater treatment have been finalized; sites for buildings and process equipment have been found; and visionary landscaping that showcases coastal agrarian vernacular and demonstration wetlands have […]