Program Charter

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The Program Charter is signed by all WRRF Project team members, signifying the commitment of the team to act in accordance and to uphold the values the Charter states.

What is the Program Charter?

Our Program Charter guides the entire Water Resource Recovery Facility upgrade project, from routine meetings to management-level decisions. It sets the tone for the project, and reminds all involved of the bigger picture. A “triple bottom line” approach was used to develop the Charter, which focuses on Economic, Environmental, and Social components.

Now, you may be wondering: “What is a charter?” A project charter is a formal document that establishes the scope, objectives, and foundational expectations for a project or program, including broad principles for how the project will be delivered.  It empowers the project team and stakeholders to work cooperatively to achieve the outcomes and benefits that the charter describes.

Who developed the Charter?

The Charter was carefully written and rewritten by the dedicated team who is making the project happen. This team includes the City of San Luis Obispo staff, the Water Resources Recovery Facility staff, and consultants with Water Systems Consulting, Inc. and HDR, Inc. The Charter was signed by all involved at the Water Resource Recovery Facility on May 14, 2014, including representatives from the City Council, City management and staff, and consultants working with the City to deliver the WRRF project.

As new phases of the project begin, all new additions to the project team understand and sign the Charter indicating their commitment to uphold its values. With the addition of Rincon, the environmental consultant, and CH2M, the design engineer, another Charter-signing workshop was held on November 17, 2015.

What does the Charter mean for me?

The Charter provides transparency and commitment that the entire project team will work to represent the best interests of the San Luis Obispo community, fulfilling the community’s values to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits.  The Charter holds the City and their project team accountable, but also fosters a positive and supportive team environment as we all work towards a common goal. We encourage you to review the Charter in detail, and reflect on what it means to you.

The cast and crew from the first Charter Signing Workshop. From back left: Jeroen Olthof, Joe O’Donnell, Steve Smith, Richard Novick, James Autsin, Trevor Ray, Glen Lubak, Tom Tingley, Vance Trimble, Ernie Redman, Christina Claxton, Matt Anderson, Dan Goulet, Dave Hix, Marty Maloney, Jeff Szytel, Carrie Mattingly, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Lehman, Lianne Westberg, John Ashbaugh. From font left: Pam Ouellette, Howard Brewen, Carlyn Christianson, Jasmine Diaz, Katie Lichtig, and Ron Munds.