Project Team


Although the Water Resource Recovery Facility Project is led by the City’s Utilities Department, individuals from all levels of the City and numerous departments across the City have made significant contributions to the success of the WRRF Project. The following staff contributed directly to the WRRF Project:

  • Heidi Harmon, Mayor
  • Andy Pease, Vice Mayor
  • Carlyn Christianson, City Council Member
  • Aaron Gomez, City Council Member
  • Erica Stewart, City Council Member
  • Derek Johnson, City Manager
  • Aaron Floyd, Utilities Director
  • Dave Hix, Utilities Deputy Director – Wastewater
  • Brigitte Elke, Finance Director
  • Miguel Barcenas, P.E., Utilities Engineer / WRRF Project Manager
  • Chris Lehman, WRRF Supervisor, Grade V WWTP WRRF Operator
  • James Austin, Chief Plant Operator, Grade IV WWTP WRRF Operator, Grade I Lab Analyst
  • Cori Burnett, Grade V WWTP WRRF Operator, E.I.T.
  • Patrick McGrath, Grade III WWTP WRRF Operator
  • Marc Voorhees, Grade III WWTP WRRF Operator
  • Glenn Lubak, WRRF Chief Maintenance Technician, Grade III Mech. Tech., Grade II Elect. Tech.
  • Steve Smtih, WRRF Grade III Maintenance Technician
  • Keith Powers, WRRF Grade III Maintenance Technician, Grade II Elect. Tech.
  • Dave Wharton, WRRF Grade III Maintenance Technician
  • Matt Anderson, Grade IV Laboratory Analyst
  • Christina Claxton, Grade IV Laboratory Analyst
  • Joe O’Donnell, Grade IV Laboratory Analyst
  • Richard Novick, Grade II Laboratory Analyst
  • Marcus Henderson, Water Distribution Supervisor
  • Joe Little, Water Distribution Chief Operator
  • Benjamin Marquart, Environmental Programs Supervisor
  • Dan Goulet, Environmental Compliance Inspector
  • Michelle Bulow, Supervising Administrative Assistant
  • Freddy Otte, City Biologist
  • Brian Leveille, City Senior Planner
  • Matt Horn, P.E., Public Works Deputy Director/City Engineer
  • Ken Chacon, P.E., Civil Engineer
  • Manuel Guzman, P.E., Supervising Civil Engineer
  • Hal Hannula, P.E., Supervising Civil Engineer
  • Christine Dietrick, City Attorney
  • Michael Codron, Community Development Director
  • Daryl Grigsby, Public Work Director
  • Tim Bochum, Public Works Deputy Director – Transportation
  • Jake Hudson, Transportation Operations Supervisor
  • Carrie Mattingly, Previous Utilities Director
  • Jan Marx, Previous Mayor
  • John Ashbaugh, Previous City Council Member
  • Dan Carpentor, Previous City Council Member
  • Dan Rivoire, Previous Vice Mayor
  • Katie Lichtig, Previous City Manager
  • Stefanie Acker, Previous Supervising Administrative Assistant
  • Jim Autry, Previous WRRF Supervisor
  • Marty Maloney, Previous WRRF Operator
  • Tom Tingley, Previous WRRF Operator
  • David Athey, P.E., Previous Supervising Civil Engineer
  • Howard Brewen, Previous WRRF Supervisor
  • Pam Ouellette, Previous WRRF Chief Operator
  • Anne Fairchild, Previous Water Quality Laboratory Manager
  • Ernie Redman, Previous WRRF Operator
  • Vance Trimble, Previous WRRF Operator
  • Jon Ansolabehere, Previous Assistant City Attorney


WSClogo_Blue_gradient_no background

As the Program Managers for the WRRF Project, Water Systems Consulting (WSC) plays a vital role in managing program schedule, budget and scope, conducting outreach, reviewing deliverables, ensuring alignment with the Program Charter, and coordinating all the moving parts to keep the project moving forward to meet regulatory deadlines. The following staff contributed directly to the WRRF Project:

  • Jeffery Szytel, P.E., Program Manager
  • Justin Pickard, P.E., Program Manager
  • Lianne Westberg, P.E., Assistant Program Manager
  • Jasmine Diaz, P.E., Grade V WWTP Operator, Assistant Program Manager
  • Matthew Rodrigues, P.E., Technical Lead
  • Jeroen Olthof, P.E., Technical Lead
  • Joshua Reynolds, P.E., Technical Lead
  • Dylan Wade, P.E., CCM, Program Support
  • Emily Iskin, P.E., ENV SP, Previous Program Support


In partnership with WSC, HDR led the development of the Facilities Plan and continues to provide program management support and technical review. The following staff contributed directly to the WRRF Project:

  • Holly Kennedy, P.E., Facilities Plan Lead
  • Ambarish Ravi, P.E., Program Support
  • Mike Falk, P.E., Ph.D., Technical Process Lead
  • Matt Chapman, P.E., Technical Lead
  • Ron Brown, P.E., Technical Lead
  • J.B. Neethling, P.E., Ph.D., Technical Support
  • Libby Mesbah, P.E., Technical Lead
  • Ted Kontonickas, P.E., Technical Lead
  • Bill Etlich, P.E., Technical Lead
  • Michael Lambert, P.E., Technical Lead


Rincon Consultants is leading the environmental and permitting of the WRRF Project, including preparation of the Environmental Impact Report.  The following staff contributed directly to the WRRF Project:

  • Jennifer Haddow, Ph.D., Environmental and Permitting Project Manager
  • Colby Boggs, Senior Ecologist
  • Rich Daulton, P.E., Principal in Charge

As the design engineers for the WRRF Project, Jacobs (formerly CH2M) plays an important role in defining the details of the WRRF Project through preparation of the design documents. The following staff contributed directly to the WRRF Project:

  • Julian Hoyle, P.E., Design Project Manager
  • Jennifer Phillips, P.E., Assistant Design Project Manager
  • Barb Engleson, P.E., Design Manager
  • David Hackworth, P.E., Operations Liaison
  • Julian Sandino, P.E., Ph.D., Process Optimization
  • Larry Schimmoller, P.E., Senior Process Engineer
  • Tim Bauer, P.E., Lead Solids Treatment Engineer
  • Mark Madison, P.E., Senior Principal Technologist
  • Todd Greely, Process Modeler
  • June Leng, P.E., Ph.D., Technical Disinfection Lead
  • Ron Williams, P.E., Previous Design Project Manager

As the Construction Manager for the WRRF Project, Carollo will be onsite managing the construction of the WRRF Project for the duration of the project. The following staff play a direct role in delivering the WRRF Project:

  • Steve Earp, P.E., Construction Manager