Education_Transparent A large goal for the Water Resource Recovery Facility Project is to help promote understanding of the “One Water” concept. This concept emphasizes the importance of thinking about water in a more holistic way. You notice how we don’t have the word “wastewater” (except right here) stated in the entire website? That is because we don’t see water that has been used as being waste; we see it as simply water. Yes, it has to be treated in order to be reused but it is a valuable resource and will become a key part of the City’s water supply portfolio.

“School tours provided at the  Water Resource Recovery Facility allow students a first-hand look at how their wastewater is treated,” – Mike Di Milo, Science Discovery Program

WSC at Farmers'_013
Farmer’s Market goers learning about the WRRF Project.

The WRRF is committed to educating the community and right now (before the upgrades), over 1,000 visitors come to the WRRF each year – it’s quite a busy place! Visitors range from adults in the community to kids on field trips from local schools.  They all come to learn where their water goes and how the “magic” happens.  They get to learn directly from those who operate the Water Resource Recovery Facility. What better way to ensure the recovery of future resources than to educate the entire community? The upgrade consists of building a public Learning Center that will encourage engagement of the San Luis Obispo community.

In the meantime, feel free to request a tour of this great facility anytime. Visit our “Tour the WRRF” page to show us your interest in visiting the WRRF today! We can’t wait to show you what water resource recovery is all about!


WSC at Farmers'_006
Pam Ouellette teaching a Farmer’s Market goer about water resource recovery.