Environmental_Birds_TransparentThe upgrades at the Water Resource Recovery Facility will culminate in the production of better quality water.  This means higher quality recycled water and higher quality water to the San Luis Obispo Creek. Higher quality water results in a cleaner environment for the steelhead trout that call the San Luis Obispo Creek home.


Measuring fish in SLO Creek.

The WRRF Project will eliminate use of sodium hypochlorite (aka bleach, or chlorine) that has been used to disinfect the water at the last leg of the treatment process. This will also eliminate the use of sodium bisulfite which currently needs to be added after the chlorine to remove any chlorine residual. The upgrade will result in replacing the use of the two chemicals with ultra-violet (UV) disinfection.  The switch to UV disinfection process consists of using high-energy light to deactivate the reproductive capability of organisms that could harm humans (and many other animals).  Elimination of chemical usage in the disinfection process also eliminates the need to transport chemicals to the plant, usually carried out by large semi trucks, and creates a safer working environment.

The upgrades also result in more efficient methane production, reducing the amount of fossil fuel energy used at the plant.



SLO WRRF Tour_052
Scenic view of the land south of the main portion of the facility facing the Irish Hills.